For Funeral Homes

No commissions are accepted by New York Funeral Consulting for referring families to a firm. When referrals are made, it is strictly based on reputation and service.

So how can New York Funeral Consulting help your funeral home?

In the short term, funeral consultants can help streamline the arrangement process by helping families be more well-informed and comfortable before they come through your door.  Rendering services is often less stressful because we’ve educated the skeptics and  helped quell family disagreements in advance, so  they are less likely to take their grief out on you.

In the long term, we can help you brand and market yourself better.

New York is full of compassionate, wonderful funeral directors, many of whom have served their communities for generations.  Our society is also more transient and discerning, meaning the days of a family using a firm in a time of need, simply because it’s who they’ve always used, are drawing to an end. How long you’ve been in business and how new your hearse is, are no longer the selling points they used to be.  Families demand fair prices, extreme customization,  and a personal connection like never before, and it’s getting harder for funeral homes to meet those needs.

The simple fact is, people seek out the services of funeral consultants because they believe they can’t or won’t get the services they desire at a fair price otherwise.  They fear they will get ripped off, be made to purchase unnecessary goods and services, or be steamrolled through the process. They choose to forego traditional church or funeral home services in favor of something in their home, local restaurant or community center, believing that’s their only option.

In addition to being a New York  State Licensed Funeral Director,  Michelle Carter is an award- winning journalist with years of marketing and public relations experience. She can help you reshape your brand and speak to today’s savvy consumers so you can get more calls, and keep more of their dollar in house.

Whether you need help with your website, training in how to use social media effectively, want to freshen up your services or want someone to manage it for you, Michelle and her team of marketing professionals can help.