For Estate & Elder Professionals

Many Elder and Estate professionals do a fantastic job of helping families create plans to ensure their long-term care, protect their assets, and provide for loved ones after they’re gone.

But are you educating your clients about the funeral process? For instance, do they understand how an irrevocable preplanned funeral trust works?

Do you have the time to mediate when families disagree?

Funeral Consultants act as a liason, so your clients can be as informed about the funeral process as they are about their estate planning.

Estate and Elder Professionals already have a full plate with the complicated estate and long-term care planning process and the sometimes contentious situations many families find themselves in because of it.

Why not allow someone who has worked in, and understands the industry to help plan the funeral- so that you can provide a fully well-rounded service to your clients. We can meet in your office, or in the clients’ ┬áhome.