New York Funeral Consulting

New York Funeral Consulting

Michelle Carter is a third-generation licensed funeral director. She has worked for large corporate chain funeral homes, small family-run  firms, and everything in between. She’s also a certified grief counselor, award- winning journalist and serial entrepreneur. She understands the funeral industry in ways that few do, and is passionate about helping families obtain meaningful, dignified funeral services within their means.

In-person consultations are available within an approximately one hour drive of Peekskill, NY, including New York City. Phone and Skype consultations are available by appointment between 9 a.m. and Clients are encouraged to meet as a family when possible, regardless of whether the arrangements sought are for themselves or a loved one.

Most consultations are about an hour long. Families will get a short primer on how the funeral planning process works, what the laws are, and what factors drive funeral prices so families can make informed, dispassionate decisions. When applicable,  a comparison of prices will be done among the firms the family is considering doing business with. We’ll talk about your desires and needs, and craft a plan for exactly the services and merchandise needed.

We’ll also compile a detailed file so that when arrangements or pre-arrangements are made, the family is well-armed with all the vital information and documents necessary.  Families receive copies of all forms generated.

Consultations are in the family’s home or a neutral location in the New York Metro area, and also available via Skype. Consultations are only $295, with price comparisons of up to three firms for an additional $150.