Planning a funeral doesn't have to be sad, scary or depressing.

For Families

Working with a funeral consultant allows you to craft services that truly reflect the person they are intended to honor, while also caring for your wallet. Make smart decisions, not emotional ones.

Estate & Elder Professionals

Are you educating your clients about the funeral process, and preparing them for expenses that can exceed $20,000 per couple or more? Cover all the bases and serve your clients better.

For Funeral Homes

Whether you need to reimagine your arrangement process so it's more effective and efficient, or you need to refresh your brand to compete in today's increasingly savvy market, New York Funeral Consulting can help.


In-person consultations are available within an approximately 90 minute drive of Peekskill, NY, including New York City. Phone and Skype consultations are available by appointment.

For Families

Whether you are taking steps to plan in advance, or find yourself in an urgent situation, planning a funeral can be a daunting, frustrating and scary process.

There are laws which dictate how some services are provided, the kinds of merchandise which must be purchased and which things you can do yourself. Family members can disagree about what their loved one’s wishes are and how they should be carried out.

Michelle Carter Verna is a certified grief counselor and a New York licensed funeral director. She can help you navigate the process and make informed, healthy decisions.  She is not affiliated directly with any funeral firm or chain, so her advice is not driven by commissions or loyalties. When referrals to a specific firm are made, it is solely based on reputation, quality of services rendered, and price.

Working with a funeral consultant allows you to craft services that truly reflect the person they are intended to honor. It can help take the fear and mystery away, so that when it is time to go to the funeral home and make final arrangements, you are prepared with the knowledge and critical documents needed to make informed, rational, and meaningful decisions for your loved one and your family.

Planning a funeral in advance is always a smart idea, and Michelle Carter Verna can help you navigate the process to ensure you save money and your wishes are carried out.  However, even when the need is urgent, a funeral consultant can help you get through the process with grace, knowledge and without regret.

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